Flat and bulk intake sections

fence of welded wire mesh properimetr.ruSection of rods - a worthy alternative to many types the fence. The sectional fence is quickly installed and does not require special care during operation. In addition, allows you to select the desired characteristics. You can buy such a fence in two ways: choose from ready-made sections or order by their parameters. If you find it difficult to decide which section parameters are needed, it is better to seek advice from a professional who will help you calculate the required number of sections, support pillars and other elements for installation.

Fence sections are available in two basic versions: flat and bulk. Not only technical, but also aesthetic indicators depend on the structure obtained. See for yourself the fence of the welded mesh here.

The flat section is a traditional version that is widely used in all areas of construction, ranging from private house fencing to sports facilities.In the market you can often find such a name as a section 2D. This will be the usual flat sections. The second option is the name of 3D. These are sections with a certain "volume". Such a volume is created by forming special stiffeners — bends along vertical bars. The main difference between these options is the level of hardness, which is higher in bulk sections. That is why 3D fences are successfully used not only when solving classical problems, but also when fencing objects characterized by increased security requirements.

A flat section is considered the base and is made of metal wire cut into pieces. Each rod must have an exact length and be absolutely flat. To protect from corrosion, the rods pass through three processing steps: galvanizing, nanoceramics and polymer. For the connection of rods into the grid, laser welding is used. This technology allows you to make not only reliable, but also a neat connection. This mesh, made by modern technology is characterized by a combination of excellent characteristics at an affordable price. It is a durable, load-resistant fence that is reliably protected from moisture and other adverse effects.

A volumetric grid is obtained in the same way as a flat one, but with the creation of wavy bends on vertical rods. These are stiff edges that improve the technical parameters of the future fencing.

If the conditions of transportation and installation are observed, a fence from sections with polymer coating will serve for several decades without any foundation.

Flat and volume grids - a great option for the fence!

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