French cuisine: frog legs

The phrase "French cuisine", as a rule, is associated with our man with delicious dishes worthy of true gourmets. And few people think that the French are also very economical: they themselves ironically call their kitchen “the leftover kitchen”, hinting that they prefer to “put into use” even the remnants of cooked products, and prefer to correct slightly the resulting dish do not throw away. The sauces and pastry creams so loved all over the world help them with this.

By the way, it is from the French word Saute, which means “sauce”, and the name of the stew-pan - the element of dishes, often used for making sauces and creams, as well as for cooking, stewing, and steaming. The stewpans are peculiar deep frying pans with high walls and a long handle. This item will certainly be useful to those who decide to try in practice the recipe given in this article.

Probably, many Russians, if you ask them about what dishes are common in France, one of the first to call the famous frog legs.This unusual delicacy can now be found in Russia, not only in restaurants, but also in shops, and in raw form (by the way, only the hind legs are used). Each housewife can experiment with this unusual meat and cook something out of it - for example, frog legs in garlic sauce.

One portion of the dish consists of 6-12 legs. The number of all other products is taken with the expectation that 36 pieces were taken from the legs. So, the list of necessary products: 36 frog legs, a glass of flour, a glass of vinegar, a glass of water or broth, lemon, 60 grams of butter, 4-5 bulbs, 2 large heads of garlic, 200 grams of sour cream, to taste - parsley, green onions, pepper, salt.

The chicken legs should be placed in a bowl, filled with vinegar and water and left to marinate for an hour. After half an hour in the marinade, you should add the previously peeled and chopped onions, as well as parsley. While the legs are marinated, you need to take a small saucepan, put there the garlic cloves, cut into slices, pour cold water and cook until the water evaporates on low heat without closing the lid. Then garlic must be cleaned from the skin and rub to a state of mashed potatoes.

After taking out the paws from the marinade, they should be dried with a napkin, peppered with salt and salt, then rolled in flour. Then you need to take a stewpan (by the way, a wok pan will do), put the butter there and heat it up, and then fry the legs in it on low heat until it becomes golden, then drain off the excess oil.

In the same saucepan, on the same oil you need to fry the onion, powder it with flour, mix it with a wooden spoon. Then, add a glass of water and the juice of one lemon to the stewpan, boil the resulting mixture for 10 minutes over low heat. Puree of garlic should be diluted with sour cream, and then pour the mixture into it. After that, the contents of the saucepan should be boiled for another minute.

Frog legs need to be expanded in a heated dish and lightly pour over the sauce. Serve them hot. Sauce for them is served separately in a special dish, it can be sprinkled with finely chopped green onions or parsley. Bon appetit!

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