French women are famous for their grace and refinement, which is why the diet with this name always attracts attention and inspires those who want to lose weight. The French diet is very popular, it is followed by girls from all over the world. According to statistics, in France no more than 10% of residents have excess weight, but in Russia, for example, this figure will be twice as large. You may ask - what is the secret of the slim figure of French women? Experts, after studying and analyzing their lifestyle, summed up: several factors affect the figure, including the attitude to the menu, food (products), and an active lifestyle. What to do if you are hard to blame for passivity and laziness, but at the same time there are extra pounds? Definitely the cause of fullness is improper nutrition. An effective way to maintain perfect shape is the French diet for 14 days. It allows you to eat deliciously, and at the same time lose weight - up to 8 kg in 2 weeks. The effect is achieved by reducing the intake of carbohydrates.In addition, weight is reduced due to the low calorie diet throughout the course. It is extremely important that the diet of the diet is strictly and clearly defined, any deviations from the menu are unacceptable. But the menu itself of the French diet is not too strict, unlike many other diets. The following products are banned: bakery, confectionery, juices, alcohol, sugar, salt. The menu should include dietary meat, fish, eggs, herbs, vegetables, rye bread, fruit. In this diet, there are no restrictions on liquids per se, apart from non-natural fruit juices. You can drink non-carbonated mineral water and all sorts of tea, including green tea, as well as coffee. The advantage of the French diet for weight loss is that it guarantees a fairly quick result. This is often a decisive factor when choosing a way to lose weight. Another advantage of the French diet is that, not being the shortest in duration, it is quite loyal, the body does not experience much stress. There is also a French onion diet. If you are a passionate fan of French cuisine, then you must have tasted onion soup.Onions - the basis of national cuisine, it is often used by French chefs. And in this case, onion is the main ingredient of the diet. It is also allowed to consume both meat and fish, while this in no way affects the effectiveness of the course. As in many diets, in French there is a minus - it is not fully balanced. The French diet is not recommended for people with chronic diseases, except under the constant supervision of a physician. Reviews on the French diet, mostly positive. In the first three days, girls drop an average of from 800 to 1500 grams and, of course, praise this method of weight control. Those who combine a diet with sports, physical activity get a more effective, visible and stable result.

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