French fries in a paper envelope

French fries in a paper envelope is a great idea to surprise your loved one. And it doesn't matter at all whether it is a child or an adult. Appetizing potatoes in an elegant envelope will be a worthy and tasty decoration of a romantic evening for a guy or husband. A child can make a real McDonald’s at home if it’s not possible to go there. Also, french fries, laid out in portion envelopes, can be served as a treat at any occasion with mayonnaise and ketchup sauce. Guests and the whole family will be very pleased!
French fries in a paper envelope
For two servings of french fries you need the following products:
  • - 5 medium-sized potatoes;
  • - 1 liter of sunflower oil;
  • - fine salt to taste.
It will take 10 minutes to prepare the dish. If you need to get more servings, the number of ingredients can be increased to the required number of times. 1.Wash the potatoes thoroughly, peel and rinse again under running water. Cut into roughly the same bars.

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