Grill, grill: choose accessories for a picnic

The season of vacations and kebabs begins, so surely many will go out of town to have a fun picnic with friends. And in order for a party in the open air to succeed and the rest would not be hopelessly spoiled, it is necessary to choose, perhaps, the main attributes of the holiday - grill, barbecue and skewer. We tell what facts should pay attention to when buying.

By buying a grill or barbecue should be approached with all responsibility. Still would! After all, on what you will cook meat, fish or vegetables during a picnic, depends on how tasty and juicy they will turn out. Agree, no one wants to taste burnt dishes and listen to reproaches from relatives or friends about the failed party. On how to properly prepare and choose exactly what you need - in the compilation Woman`s Day.

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In fact, recently there appeared a lot of various devices and devices for cooking grill and shish kebab, so you just have to not get lost in this variety and make the right choice.

First, decide what is closer to you. For example,grill, is usually a rectangular (square) box without a lattice, on top of which are laid out skewers with products strung on them.Grill- this is a more complicated installation (usually round or oval) with a grill and sometimes with a lid. Well andB-B-Q- this is not just an installation, but an entire brazier with a grill, but without a cover.

By the way, grills and barbecues differ in type: gas (gas cylinders are used for them), coal and wood. By the way, gas installations are found mainly in America, coal is our most popular, which gives the dishes a special aroma and taste.

If you decide to opt for the grill, then read, than, say, collapsible grill inferior desktop or cast iron.

Collapsible grillsuffers from one drawback - terribly desiccates meat and keeps heat poorly. In addition, the coals and firewood in it burn out very quickly, and if during the installation you choose an insufficiently flat surface, then there is a risk that the legs of the structure will disperse and it will fold like a house of cards. But if it is not possible to change the brazier, then first set it on the most even surface, and then,when you start the process of cooking kebabs, kindle the coals not in the construction itself, but in a fire and put them on the bottom of the barbecue, when they have already burned enough and begin to smolder. And then lay out the skewers with meat on top, otherwise there is a risk that the coals will quickly go out and the meat will not have time to get ready.

Conclusion:if you or your friends value communication more than a tasty kebab, then you can safely choose this model, especially since it is one of the most affordable.

Disposable grill.Worse than a collapsible model, perhaps, perhaps, only disposable. Of course, if you have hiking conditions, then, of course, such a device is better than bricks or cobblestones, of which many lovers are trying to build some kind of barbecue. As a result, Russian manufacturers have released an affordable model 50 × 30 × 10 cm, which has a grate, a tray and a liquid for igniting coal, which is clearly better than obscure experiments.

Conclusion:than to look for various devices, take this affordable (in stores such a model costs 90 rubles), designed, by the way, for cooking a kilogram of meat or 3 kilograms of fish.

Cast iron grill.This device, having a wall thickness of 8 mm and a cost of $ 800, is suitable for true gourmets who understand meat and know how to emphasize (but not spoil!) Its taste. In such a brazier, the heat is maintained at an ideal temperature and lasts longer. The only thing is to check that the depth of the device was not less than 15 cm (otherwise the meat will almost touch the coal).

Conclusion:The price of barbecue, of course, bites, but if you choose a long-lasting relationship, then this model is what you need.

Table grill. This model can be conventionally attributed to a miniature barbecue, designed for small companies. Such a device operates from a special gas cylinder, it quickly heats up and has several zones, so that you can cook several dishes at the same time.

Conclusion:grill is certainly good. But, before using it, make sure that the gas connection point on the grill itself is compatible with domestic gas cylinders. It will be safer and safer.

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But when choosinggrillsor barbecue should pay attention to the material from which they are made (it is better to choose a cast-iron or metal model), to determine the size (for a large company, choose a large device), checkwhether they are suitable for frying kebabs (some models are designed only for the preparation of sausages or semi-finished products). And, most importantly, it is better to give preference to models with a lid, after all, they will help to cook barbecue with a light aroma of smoke.

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