Halim - Persian Porridge with Duck

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
Duck breast2 piecesLentils green1/2 stack1 pieceLeek1 stalkSweet Potato (or Carrot)100 gramsGarlic2 teethBrown sugar4 tbsp.Butter30 gramsLemon juice2 tbsp.Spices (zira, turmeric, ground sumac, paprika, black pepper and dried onion)one tbsp
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Pomegranate (grains)Greenery

Iranian cuisine on Woman’s Day. The strength, power and health of the soul and body of this recipe has been known since ancient times of the Achaemenid Empire. It was prepared specifically for those who have set aside the fate of a warrior and a defender.


In a saucepan with a thick bottom, heat the bulgur (1/2 cup), pour in all the spices and add lentils to the bulgur at the moment when the bread aroma appears, transfer and pour water, cook porridge until the cereals are ready, add salt to the boil. Prepare the mixture of cereals.

Cut the duck breasts crosswise over the skin with a sharp knife, fry the breasts in a dry frying pan, first cut down to get the fat, turn the duck up, add the temperature and fry until ready.Cut the duck into slices, keep it hot.

Leek, yam or carrot chop sticks, chop the garlic and sprinkle vegetables in a frying pan where the duck was fried.

Wash the quince, cut into thin slices, pour over lemon juice and caramelize in a hot mixture of sugar and butter.

Halim into portions, put the duck breast, vegetables and caramelized quince slices on top and pour over the remains of duck fat.

Serve Persian porridge with greens and pomegranate seeds.

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