The harvest in the bins - straw and talash in the hands: the "rustling" creativity of Kuban craftswomen

Just look at what the Kuban craftswomen are capable of, to this day honoring the traditions of their ancestors and who are able to turn into real works of art straw and leaves from corn cobs. Taking as a basis from time immemorial the technique of weaving from talash that existed in the south of Russia and adding it with jute filigree, the masters create voluminous paintings and large-scale compositions, decorate kitchen utensils, make various souvenirs.

Unrestrained fantasy in the works of Kuban masters

Talash, straw, ordinary jute, dried wildflowers and herbs, other natural materials - all this is used for handicrafts. In order to prolong the life of products, leaves and straw removed from corn cobs are pre-soaked and boiled. If desired, talash can be painted.

The jute dolls, additionally decorated with lace, look superb.

With the help of such a simple device weave lace. If desired, it is easy to master the basics of this craft.

Lace and braid are perfectly combined with jute and natural material.

These dolls are completely woven from corn leaves.

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