Having cut the old bed into fragments, the girls made a very unusual decor.

Creative approach is welcome in everything. No exception and carrying out repairs. The lack of funds for expensive parquet did not prevent resourceful friends from turning an old wooden bed into floor tiles. Having cut the product into separate fragments, the girls set about laying themselves. The work was challenging, but interesting. Just look, what result can be achieved thanks to the creative approach and the desire to have an even floor.

To begin with, we had to level the surface, laying sheets of thick plywood.

Armed with wood stains, it is easy to give a desired shade to wood tiles. Next it remains only to glue them to the base, joining with each other.

The work is painstaking, but interesting.

After the wooden tile is laid, it remains to cover it with varnish.

Just admire the result! Looking at the plush floor, it is assumed that the basis for it was an ordinary old bed, given only to the initiated.

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