After learning these wonderful tricks, you will use them every day!

Good advice does not happen much!"With Your Hands"continues with love and care to tell his readers how to make life more comfortable. I really hope this small collection of cunning tricks will come in handy!

Useful lifesthaki

  1. So you can store bags with different contents in the refrigerator. Incredible space savings!
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  2. The only sure way to wrap a finger with a plaster is if you cut your fingertip. Very comfortable, the plaster keeps tight!
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  3. A plastic bottle will help water the plants when there is a hose, but there is no sprinkler.
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  4. Use a hairbrush if you need to hammer a nail: your fingers will definitely stay intact!
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  5. So you can hang a sweater on a hanger, so as not to delay the shoulders! Lit up with this idea and brought perfect order in the closet recently ...
    the most useful lifhaki
  6. Great way to fix the cable!
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  7. If you attach such a handle to the door of the kitchen cabinet, additional space will appear for storing all covers from pots and pans. I need this!
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  8. Always freezing the remains of pasta sauce - such a stock helps out in critical situations!
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  9. Wrapping the colored thread for embroidering the cable, you will make it bright and secure from rapid wear.
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  10. The idea for storing winter clothes. Nothing dusting! This advice is also useful when moving.

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