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Elizabeth Taylor tried to revive her marriage in Botswana, Jessica Simpson and her husband were hiding from the paparazzi in Fiji, and Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony after the wedding rented a bungalow in which the Kennedy couple lived before them. WDay.ru talks about the most interesting celebrity honeymoons.

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Montecito (California)

On the huge ranch of San Ysidro, not far from Santa Barbara, honeymoons were held by several famous couples. It was here after the wedding wentJohn kennedyand his wife, Jacqueline, here in 2002, spent a wedding holidayJulia Robertsand Danny Moder, and a little later - Latin American stars Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

The ranch is located in a picturesque place in the mountains, there are several luxurious bungalows, next to each of which is a Jacuzzi. Funny thatJay loI wished to spend my honeymoon in the same house where the Kennedy couple was resting, and even clarified whether the "same bed" remained in it. First, the singer booked a bungalow for a honeymoon withBen affleck, but after the cancellation of their wedding, they postponed their reservation, searching for a new husband.San ysidro ranchDouble room - from $ 593 per night

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Cabo-San-Lucas (Mexico)

ActressGwyneth Paltrowand lead singer of ColdplayChris Martinin 2003, they spent their honeymoon at the Esperanza Hotel in the popular Mexican resort of Cabo San Lucas. A few years later, the star couple returned to familiar places with their daughter Apple.

Most of the holiday lovers sunbathed on the beach. But even on vacation, Gwyneth Paltrow wasted no time and watched herself, visiting local spas and making clay masks and aromatherapy massages.


Private villa - from $ 735 per night

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Fife (Scotland)

In the romantic area of ​​Scotland called Fife is the Old Course Hotel, which is famous for its many kilometers of golf courses and excellent spa. They had a romantic holiday there.Kevin Costnerand his spouseChristine Baumgartner.

In a hotel that looks like a castle and located on the Scottish coast, could not get through any paparatsii. Satisfied with this circumstance, Costner (by the way, a father of many children) later sarcastically told reporters: "I hope you do not think that we played golf all the time." Oh, yes, Kevin, we know that you had more interesting business there.

Old Course HotelDouble from $ 614 per night

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Fiji Islands

A couple of famous couples visited the Fiji archipelago in the Pacific, some of whom wereJessica simpsonand NickBritney SpearsandKevin Federline. Reaching this distance, the stars of show business proved that even they sometimes need to be isolated from anyone who wants to know all the secrets of society.

True, celebrity journalists could not hide from journalists in a private resort. Britney Spears discovered photos from her honeymoon in a magazineUS Weekly, accusing reporters of invading privacy. To which the journalists reasonably noticed that it’s not so much confidentiality as it is in greed, because even before that, Spears had easily agreed to give the photos of her wedding to the newspaper people - it's true for money.

Hotel Turtle Island(on a separate island) Double - from $ 1600

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Saint Tropez (France)

Hotel Byblos on the Cote d'Azur is a very famous place. First of all, thanks toBrigitte Bardotwho loved to be here with her lovers. Here, right after the wedding in the local Catholic church, we called in a 28-year-oldMick Jaggerand his young wife Bianca, an actress and model from Nicaragua. Kate Richards, Paul and Linda McCartney, Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton had fun at their wedding in St. Tropez. This was the first marriage of the soloistRolling Stones, which broke up after nine years.

Hotel ByblosDouble - from $ 440 per night

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Chobe National Park (Botswana)

Chobe African Reserve is considered the elephant capital of the world. In addition to elephants there during the safari you can see herds of wild buffaloes, foxes and zebras and watch lions. In the exotic savannah they decided to have a honeymoon Elizabeth Taylor and her partner in Cleopatra Richard Burton. Curiously, this was the second marriage of actors. In 1964, they got married, divorced ten years later, and a year later, in Africa, they re-tied the knot.

Bardo and Barton were sure that a romantic holiday in a luxury hotel in the heart of Botswana would hold their hearts together forever. However, African passions were powerless - the couple broke up again only a year later.

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