Hot glass: tips on caring for a glass ceramic hob

The glass-ceramic stove looks very impressive in the interior of almost any kitchen. But in order to maintain a good appearance of technology, sometimes you have to spend a lot of energy. It is not enough to wipe the stains, you also need not scratch the delicate surface. There are some simple secrets that can help.

Be careful with sugar and caramel.

No matter what you cook, caramel or jam, make sure that the drops do not fall on the surface of the plate. Use a lid, and if something bad happens, soak traces of sugar with hot water.

Always use dry dishes.

Any drops at the bottom of the dish after heating will turn into white spots on the surface of the stove. It is much easier to warn them than to withdraw them.

Highlight a separate sponge and napkin

Do not wash the stove, tables and utensils with one sponge. Traces of fat that may be invisible on other surfaces on the stove will manifest themselves in full.

Shaving machine in emergency cases

Sometimes it is not possible to prevent complex contamination. If you do not have a special scraper, use a new clean razor. You can remove burnt sugar, fat or even melted plastic.

Prepare the composition for cleaning

Mix dishwashing detergent, soda and hydrogen peroxide. Such a tool will greatly facilitate the cleaning of the plate.

Soda and vinegar for old spots

Apply a paste of soda with water to the surface of the stove, and then spray vinegar on top. The chemical reaction will do the trick.

Use a toothbrush or a soft household brush.

It will cope with stains and traces of fat better than a sponge or cloth. However, please note that in addition to the bristles in the brush was not rubber or metal inserts.

Melamine sponge requires careful use

This magic bullet washes old stains even without special means. The fact is that melamine itself is a very active chemical substance. Always wear gloves and rinse thoroughly after handling.

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