How in 30 look at 18? Secrets from Polina Gagarina

Mono-nutrition, Pilates and something else ... On March 27, Polina Gagarina celebrated her 30th birthday. And it’s hard to believe that the Field is no longer 18! How does she do it?
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Now she is clever, beautiful and, finally, a real slim girl. And it’s hard to believe that ten years ago, having given birth to a son, Gagarin weighed 40 kg more. In this case, the girl dropped too much in just six months. Polina took hold of herself in February 2009. The star for a long time did not cover the topic of how she managed to lose weight so rapidly, but one day she finally let it slip. It turned out that the matter was not at all only in the increased loads and killer work schedule in the theater.

Polina's diet, as it turned out, is similar to the Margarita Koroleva system - a star dietician has long developed a modern way to lose weight effectively without compromising health. The diet is based on a phased mono-nutrition: the first stage is a three-day rice mono-diet, the second is a mono-diet based on chicken meat and the third is a vegetable one.The duration of the diet is nine days, during which you can not only lose weight, but also accustom the body to small portions and healthy food. True, to withstand three days on proteins or carbohydrates is difficult. Therefore, Gagarin slightly simplified the system. In a day she alternated between chicken, rice and vegetables, completely eliminating flour and forgetting about food after six in the evening. The star also tried to drink at least one and a half liters of pure water.

Proper nutrition and detox!
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Once in shape, Gagarin had only supported the results obtained. This was helped by her busy schedule and dedication to her own business. According to Polina, in order not to get better, it is very important not to consider food as a way to raise one's mood, it should be kept at a level in other ways. Advice from Gagarina is to do what you love, to love and smile more.

Apparently, the star will soon have to check its system again, because, as evidenced by the media and “Instagram” of Polina’s colleagues, her position is still “interesting”. Apparently, in order not to start the situation this time, Polina does not stop activating and even goes to the gym. Preference has long given to Pilates.As you know, this training system allows you to tighten all the muscles of the body and keep the body in good shape. Also in the arsenal of Polina is cardio. And the star does not use the services of a personal trainer, adjusting the load itself.

Polina does not stop playing sports
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By the way, the star also does not use the services of a cosmetologist as often as it seems to many. She does not have a personal doctor, and so far the singer has not done a single complicated procedure. The oldest of all she had a chance to try was RF-lifting, which contributes to the development of its own hyaluronic acid. And the main recipe against wrinkles and dull complexion of the field Polya considers a healthy sleep at least eight hours a day.

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