How much does a dog go pregnant?

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How much does a dog go pregnant?

A pregnancy in a dog generally lasts from 56 to 72 days. On average, a dog�s pregnancy lasts about two months, that is, 60 days. The specific period depends on the characteristics of the dog and its breed.

Consider how much a dog goes pregnant depending on the breed.

Pregnancy in large breed dogs

In dogs of large breeds (these include mastiffs, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, St. Bernards, Dobermans, Great Dane, etc.), usually a few large puppies are born. Pregnancy in such dogs lasts about two months.

However, childbirth can be difficult. Every day the puppies increase their weight and size - this is what affects the conditions of childbirth. The owner needs to help the animal in the process of childbirth, constantly ensure that everything is good.

Pregnancy in dogs of small breeds

The small breeds include Chinese crested, terriers, lapdogs, Pomeranian, Pekes, Italian greyhound, etc. Typically, these dogs have a pregnancy of 62 days. In order to accurately determine the date of birth, an ultrasound scan can be done in a short time.

Right before the birth, the dog's temperature drops by 1-2 degrees and stays at this level until the end of the birth.

Make sure that your pet is warm throughout the entire period of pregnancy, as short-haired little dogs are particularly sensitive to temperature extremes. Provide more fractional and high-calorie food, and also let the dog always have access to clean water. The veterinarian will advise on suitable vitamins, which are also important to give to the dog during pregnancy.

In any case, regardless of the breed of dog, be ready to help her during childbirth, because even your presence alone can calm her down.

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