How noise affects a person

In recent years, there has been a large number of changes in the environment. As a result of the rapid development of technology on earth, the acoustic conditions have changed dramatically. A byproduct of progress was the noise, which became a real disaster of our time.
A person gets acquainted with the world of sounds from the day of birth to the end of his life. The astronauts who had been training in the pressure chamber told me that they were experiencing very unpleasant feelings of oppressive silence. This is not surprising. Noises of natural origin have only a beneficial effect on the body. They are as necessary as the blue sky above your head and the green of trees.
According to scientific studies, it has been established that in the noise of the sea surf, rain, deciduous forest and other noises of natural origin, the main frequencies are approximately the same frequencies, corresponding to 1000 oscillations per second. Just this limit is the zone of the highest spectral sensitivity of the hearing aid of people.It is these noises that cause feelings of calm and balance.
People have reached a high level of civilization, including through their ability to communicate. One of the forms of human contact is communication through sounds. Noise interferes with this communication. It reduces the normal activity, impoverishes our lives. Moreover, the noise is able to drown out the danger signal, such as a warning cry.

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