How not to litter the garage

The first rule to stick with is to have more shelving and shelving. Their presence will give a huge space for storing "really useful and necessary things." As practice shows, warehousing of several floors is the best method of using storage space. To useful things you need to include tools, new components that may be necessary when repairing a house and repairing a car. Also in the garage you can place homemade pickles, which the spouse has prepared for the winter, but this is on the condition that the garage is relatively close to the house and it will not be a walk to it. Without fail in the garage should work ventilation, it will help avoid the accumulation of dust and fumes from stored paints and varnishes.
Regularly audit for the presence of irrelevant things that, due to past tense or other circumstances, are unlikely to become necessary for you in the future.To this list of things can be attributed used parts from the car, having served its service, the old tool, in exchange for which you purchased a new one, but there was not enough spirit to throw it away.
The most important rule should be: do not drag all junk into the garage, and carry there only the necessary things and objects. And especially to pay attention to their fire risk. Especially on such as paint, waste oils, old cabinets, remnants of wood, all sorts of rags, etc. All these things are a source of fire. And so you need to protect yourself from possible unpleasant situations.
In view of the fact that today you can buy absolutely any item you need in a store, the question arises: is it worth it to stock up with all sorts of rubbish that can last for several years and never bring any benefit? Moreover, progress is rapidly rushing forward, and all things and objects that were comfortable and beneficial, by virtue of moral old age, may already be irrelevant. Therefore, use your premises for the intended purpose, and then you will be insured against possible unpleasant situations.

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