How the break list will help you become more productive

Breaks in various activities are good because relaxing your brain can rebuild in a new way and prepare for new affairs. They protect us from physical and moral exhaustion, help to gather strength. If you do not learn to skillfully manage your free time, you are unlikely to be able to efficiently carry out daily tasks while remaining happy and cheerful.

Why do I need a list of breaks?

  • Awareness and motivation.Breaks help you to understand that you are moving towards your goals, doing the work you need, or will achieve success soon. You can use all your scheduled breaks and thereby understand that all assigned cases have also been resolved. Otherwise you will spend your day in vain.

  • Improving work efficiency.When you, without a preliminary plan, decide to escape from work,then a short respite at the end can lead to an hour of watching videos on the Internet, long-term social media, or sudden sleep. But if your vacation is planned, you know what you will do in these free moments and when you return to work.

  • Competitive activity.Having at hand two to-do lists: a checklist with the tasks of the day and a list of respites, you will feel great pleasure, deleting completed tasks, this will increase your motivation and productivity.

What can I do during breaks?

  • Read the chapter from the book.Thus, the rest will only benefit you, because you will not only relieve tension and fatigue, but also replenish your mind with new emotions.

  • Do exercise.Take a dozen push-ups during your break, roll the hoop, jump, shake the press. You can relax and bring the body into shape.

  • Cook the food.During the break, it's quite realistic to cook something useful, and to eat your cooking in the next break.

  • Watch the show.Sometimes you need to take a big break to completely get rid of the negative burden.At this time, you can watch the series of your favorite series or part of the film, thus taking a break from a hard day.

  • Call loved ones.It is necessary every day to devote at least some time to communicate with relatives and friends. To do this, you can simply call them at any convenient time for you. Share with your family your successes and experiences, learn about their plans and tell about yours.

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