How to apply decorative cosmetics

You will need
  • - tonal basis;
  • - brushes and applicators;
  • - powder;
  • - shadows;
  • - eyeliner;
  • - proofreader;
  • - mascara;
  • - lipstick;
  • - shine.
The basis of a beautiful make-up is smooth, health-glowing skin. Therefore, most makeup artists and lovers prefer to start with moisturizing and toning the face. You can use a foundation, emulsion or cream powder. It all depends on your skin type. Creamy products are suitable for dry use, gel products for oily products, and powder for normal ones. There are interesting hybrids - for example, means combining toning and moisturizing functions.
Spread the tonal base with a sponge, brush or fingertips. The choice of method depends on your preferences, but there is a general rule: sponges and brushes allow you to apply a more dense layer of tone, and you can shade it with your fingers very finely. For the study of problem areas there are small brushes.It is convenient for them to tint the wings of the nose, the folds of the lips and eyelids.
Disadvantages retouch proofreader. It is convenient to apply it with a dense brush of synthetic fibers. Spread a small portion of the product over the skin with slightly driving-in movements, trying to blend the concealer into the skin. Usually, various reddenings, broken capillaries, pimples, and circles under the eyes are retouched in this way.
Secure make-up transparent loose powder. Spread it with a fluffy flat or round brush, the coating will be light and will not overload the face. A little powder is applied to the upper part of the neck. Whisk away a flat fan-shaped brush.
Decorate your eyebrows and eyes. Eyebrow line can be corrected with a special eye shadow, gel, wax or pencil. Apply makeup with a small beveled brush, paint short strokes. If the eyebrows are dark, you can not tint them, limiting themselves to a colorless fixing gel.
On the eyelids, place a layer of shades of the base color � cream, soft gray, pinkish, or beige. They can be applied with a brush or applicator. The first method gives a lighter coating, the second one will show shade better and put a more dense layer of shadows.Cream and gel shadows are convenient to distribute with your fingertips. The corners of the eyes can be highlighted in a darker color of the same range or make them contrast.
The eyeliner placed at the very edge of the eyelashes will help to emphasize a beautiful eye cut. Lines can be drawn with a pencil, dark shadows, a special liquid or gel. Choose a suitable brush or thin applicator. It is possible to bring both upper and lower eyelids, trying to connect the lines in the corners of the eyes. Finally, apply one or two layers of mascara on the eyelashes - curl, lengthen or bulk.
Usually the final stage of makeup becomes lip coloring. You can use lipstick go shine. The first gives a more dense coating, the second - a light shade and shine. On sale you can find more unusual products - for example, lipstick with the function of balm or lip gloss. To outline the contour of the mouth is only for those who prefer to use very greasy lipstick of dark shades. Others can be applied without a contour pencil, using a brush, stick or even fingertips.

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