How to avoid sunstroke

You will need
  • - a headdress from natural light fabrics;
  • - clothes of free breed from natural fabrics of a light shade;
  • - cool water;
  • - fruits, vegetables and non-fatty foods.
Do not go out in the summer with high temperatures and bright sunshine on the street with bare head - this is the most effective method. It is best to use a hat of natural fabrics of light shade for a more effective reflection of the sun's rays. Also wear loose-fitting clothing made from natural light-colored fabrics. Do not wear clothes made of thick fabrics, especially rubberized and synthetic. During the day, try to take a cool shower more often.
Drink more fluids to avoid dehydration. At the same time, the water should not be cold, it should be drunk often enough, in small portions. It is undesirable to drink alcohol, coffee and strong tea. Do not overeat, in the hot period it can also lead to sunstroke.Do not eat fatty and high-calorie foods. Try to eat fruits, vegetables and cool food. It is best to go out in the sun only an hour after eating.
Avoid long walks at noon, excessive sports loads, as well as heavy physical labor, such as at a cottage or construction site. Sunstroke contributes to high humidity, like on the beach, so the risk of getting it there is much higher. Also, do not fall asleep in the sun, as this almost guaranteed to lead to overheating of the body, which is often accompanied by heat or sunstroke.
Pensioners, children, people suffering from diabetes, overweight and chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system and respiratory tract are more prone to sunstroke. People in these categories from 12 to 16 hours are better to be in a well-cooled and ventilated room. Try not to go out.

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