Top 5 Things Hockey Fans Should Know

How to Become a Hockey Fan

Hockey has been around awhile, and fan bases are growing around the world with international interest growing as well as interest from the well established hockey playing nations like the US and Canada. A sport that tests a players physical attributes to the extreme, this isn't a sport to miss out on. So, why aren't you a fan?


  1. Find the closest professional or minor league team in your area.They could be in the NHL, AHL, ECHL, WHL, basically anything short that ends with 'HL'. Beware of field hockey teams in countries where hockey means field hockey, not ice hockey, such as the UK.
  2. Watch a few hockey games, read hockey stats and decide what team to root for.Maybe go for the team closest to where you live or maybe your hometown. You decide.
  3. Learn the rules.Even though you're a fan, it's a plus when meeting people later on that you know the basics, such as an Icing, Off-sides, Roughing, Boarding, High Sticking, Slashing, etc. Also, and this is ahugeplus, you will be able to yell at the players on television (or radio) or at a game when the refs make an unfair call.
  4. Grab a schedule.Usually your home team will have one on their website, and most have them available to print. These are great for your computer area, your office, or your bedroom.
  5. Watch some games.Depending on your area, NHL Hockey might be with your standard cable or satellite, call ahead to check. The current 'big' channels in Hockey are Fox Sports Net, Versus, NESN, and TSN, CBC, CSN, CN8, MSG and RDS.
  6. Go to a game.Your first hockey game, this is the event that you have been waiting, training, preparing for this whole time. It's advise that you purchase a Third Level seat, these are surprisingly cheap and they offer a great view of the game, despite what you might think.
  7. Purchase a jersey.This is recommended, but its not required. A lot of fans get their jerseys 'personalized' with the name and number of their favorite player on it. Don't be afraid to shell out 0 or more on these, they do last a lifetime.
  8. Continue and expand.From here you can purchase mini/season ticket plans, tailgate before games, stay after games for autographs, the list goes on! Enjoy the sport, and enjoy the game.

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    I live in London, can I still become an NHL fan, and if so, how?
    Community Answer
    You can become an NHL fan wherever you live! Download the NHL app and choose a team to root for. You can also listen to the games online. And as stated above, it is recommended that you buy a jersey and other apparel to show your support for your favorite team.
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  • Remember, it's never too early or too late to become a hockey fan. Watching the games is the best way to begin.
  • The best time to catch a puck is during warm ups behind the net. Occasionally a puck will fly over the glass and get hung up in the netting.
  • Always support your team, even if they go through tough times. A losing streak always ends with a win, and there's always a chance next season for the Stanley Cup.
  • Most teams have an area of the arena where they drive out after a game, stake this spot! A lot of players stop and sign autographs on jerseys, cards, shirts, etc. Be prepared to have a sharpie at hand, because most players don't carry one in their car.
  • Get the gear and play the game yourself. Your appreciation for watching the game will increase when you play it.
  • Watch your team's game when it is on TV. Cheering makes it more exciting.
  • Don't cheer for a team just because they're winning, only to diss them when they lose. You'll be known as a bandwagoner and everyone hates bandwagoners.
  • Continuously attend hockey games, you will become a true fan once you have attended or payed attention to at least half of the season games.
  • Appreciation and knowledge of the game's intensity can be achieved by attending a game where it has gone into overtime. Especially a shootout.


  • Know that while most arenas are friendly environments, bad language from other fans is frequent. With any children, remember to tell them to never repeat what they hear.
  • When sitting in the lower section, be aware that pucks do fly out of play, and people have been severely injured.

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