How to build a wood stove

In order to easily build a stove, it is necessary to have an idea of ​​the basic rules in the field of construction. For the construction is best to use fireproof bricks, as well as special cement. A connection will be made with it. After that, you need to go to the choice of a suitable place where your wood-burning stove will be located. The foundation must be made of refractory bricks. It is recommended to choose a round base. Then the dome is built. The first three rows should be placed in such a way as to form a flat shape.
Starting from the fourth row of bricks, it is necessary to lay wedges of stone or pieces of brick into the back. Stones on pieces of brick will give proper curvature. This will help shape the dome. The bricks are stacked on a refractory cement mortar, which is also recommended to be mixed with a small amount of river sand.
The same solution is usually used for filling joints, which are on the inside.Be sure to remove the excess solution. The front edges of the brick must be clean. As the dome forms, some bricks need to be cut. It should be on the inside. Thereby it will be possible to make a rounded shape much easier.
Next you need a metal door and chimney. You can buy them in specialized stores.

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