How to buy a used WHA

Carefully inspect the car body. Domestic cars tend to rust quickly or have numerous chipped paintwork because of its instability. The best option would be to look at the car on a lift, where you can well examine the condition of the bottom and see traces of welding or severe corrosion. Open the trunk and remove the spare wheel - under it you can usually see the first traces of the emerging destruction of the metal.
If the car has moldings or fancy trims, gently bend them back. Scratches, dents, or corrosion can often be hidden under them.
Since onWHAYou can easily twist the mileage readings, do not trust the numbers. If the mileage is low, and the owner tells how large-scale repairs he has done, then the readings do not correspond to the truth. After all, the new Lada the first three years with proper maintenance do not require serious intervention.
Start the engine.He should not stall or wind up with the tenth attempt. Sit in the car, look at the work of the dashboard, check the work of all electrics.
The machine should not smoke and troit. Do not believe the owner, who claims that this is the first time and only from bad gasoline. Most likely, the car has problems with the injector or carburetor.
Open the hood. It is better if the engine is not washed before the inspection, then all the problems will be visible. Check the condition of the oil, candles, measure the compression. If the compression is small, the engine is very worn and requires a bulkhead.
Find and clean the Vin-number of the engine from dirt. He should not have mechanical damage and chips - this is a guarantee that he was not interrupted.

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