How to calculate employee salary in 2018

You will need
  • calculator, accounting program
To begin with, the accountant for the calculation of wages must identify the fund, composed of the net income from the sale of goods or services for the month. From the amount you need to immediately calculate the tax and duty fees, utility tariffs and so on. Of the net income for an employer has the right to take about 25%, everything else is divided between company employees and workers. Payroll officean employeecalculated by the hour. In other words, it is important to calculate the number of hours that an employee spent at work. If there were omissions without a valid reason, the accountant has the right to withdraw the penalty amount. Hospitals are also calculated according to labor law.
If the company considers compensation remuneration, then at the next stage, the accountant needs to make an estimate of the employees' expenses per month for gasoline, cellular communication, etc.All this also needs to be credited to the employee’s payroll. Do not forget about the bonus.
The bonus salary is accrued to employees for achieving certain goals, overfulfilment of the plan or for replacing another employee, is also credited to the payroll. To do this, you need to calculate the percentage of overfulfilled work or the number of days replaced by another employee and multiply by the average daily salary. This way you will receive a bonus amount.
For the calculation of wages, a worker outside the office service should usually use a piece-rate payment system. To do this, count the number of goods produced. Determine the unit cost of goods at wholesale prices, subtract 60% of the cost and accrue the remaining amountan employeefor each product produced. In the case of unauthorized absenteeism, the employer, according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, can remove the penalty salary.
If the salary fund exceeds the positive income of the company for the current period of time, it is necessary to reduce the level of wages at the moment in equal proportions, if such a clause is stipulated in the employment contract.
Helpful advice
After payroll, you need to check the budget again, correlate the amount of expenses and income.

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