How to choose a combination of color of the roof and facade

With the help of color solutions, you can emphasize the merits of the house and hide its disadvantages.

There are three main color combinations:

  1. Dark roof and light facade. This combination is the most common.
  2. Light roof and dark facade. Not often used, it creates the effect of dissolving the roof in space.
  3. Roof and facade are made in one color. This combination forms one unit.

Before you decide on the color of the roof, you need to think about the effect of different colors on the overall impression of the house. The most favorable and frequently used colors are yellow, brown, white, green and pink shades for the roof.

  • A brown or beige façade is appropriate for a brown roof, as well as an ordinary brick;
  • A white, gray or pale yellow facade is perfect for a green roof;
  • For black roofing, the facade of white, green, blue and gray is the best option;
  • The gray roof goes well with a blue, white and green facade;
  • For a terracotta-colored roof, it would ideally be combined with a white plastered facade or a brick house;
  • For the red roof suitable facades gray and warm brown;
  • For the blue and blue roof fit beige, yellow and white facade.

Their harmonious combination will depend on the chosen color of the roof and facade, which will give the final visual effect. To obtain this, it is necessary to take into account the whole range of colors and how it affects the surrounding landscape, the materials used as well as nearby objects.

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