How to choose a hat with a veil?

The hat is a very interesting, original and bold headdress. And if it is complemented by a veil, then the image will be mysterious and romantic. But how to choose a hat with a veil and become irresistible?

What it is?

What is a veil? This is a thin transparent matter, or even a mesh, attached to the cap and partially or completely covering the face.

A bit of history

The first hats with a veil appeared in the XIX century. At that time, it was unacceptable to show their emotions, so that many women skillfully hid them behind the veil, while maintaining their mystery and composure. At that time, almost every woman had such an accessory, regardless of status in society and belonging to this or that class.

Gradually the hats with a veil began to go out of fashion. At the beginning and the middle of the 20th century, they were worn only by aristocrats and public ladies, such as actresses and dancers. And at the end of the last century, such an accessory was completely forgotten. But everything new is well forgotten old.And today designers again use the veil, and the real women of fashion get hats, decorated with it.

When such a hat would be appropriate?

Immediately it is worth noting that a hat with a veil is a very bright, catchy, original and far from everyday accessory, so don’t put it on to work just like on a walk down the street (unless your goal is to attract attention).

Better to leave a veil for a special occasion. For example, you can wear a hat to a party, especially themed, held in retro style or dedicated to the gangsters and their ladies. And this interesting accessory may well replace the veil of the bride in a wedding dress.

Who is suitable?

A hat with a veil can suit almost any girl, everything will depend on the style and features of the accessory. But it will be especially refined to look at a mysterious lady with aristocratic appearance and regular features.

How to pick up?

How to choose a hat with a veil? There are several criteria for the selection of such an accessory, and each of them should stay in detail.


The choice of style will depend directly on the shape and features of the face.

Useful tips:

  • If the face is thin and elongated, then you should avoid high caps. It is best to choose a model with a flat crown (the crown is the top of the hat, which, when put on, turns on the head) and rather wide margins.
  • If you have a wide, snub-nosed nose, then a bonnet-style cap, which has a medium-sized crown and rigid small fields that frame the face and taper to the back of the head, will help make it more subtle.
  • If you have large facial features, then make their look elegant and feminine hat, which has slightly curved and raised the field.
  • Tall girls should pay attention to models with a practically flat crown and wide margins.
  • If the height is small, then a hat with a veil that has narrow fields and a high crown will help to visually enlarge it. An interesting option would be a cylinder.
  • A universal model is the cap style "tablet". It fits all.


Since the main and the brightest part of the cap is the veil, then pay special attention to it.

Important criteria:

  • Length. The veil may fall slightly on the forehead, cover only the eyes, half of the face, or cover the entire face completely.The more it closes, the more mysterious and bold the image will be.
  • The fabric of the veil. The most common option is the classic mesh. It should be understood that the larger the mesh, the more visible your face will be. A small mesh will allow you to hide from prying eyes.
  • Decorations. The fabric may be the most common or strewn with small specks or peas. In addition, for decoration can be used and more complex elements, such as embroidery in the form of flowers or curls, lace, and so on. A simple veil looks more strictly and simply, and a decorated one will make the image even more vivid and memorable.
  • Colour. The veil may coincide completely with the color of the cap or it may be contrasted with it. Dark veil will add chic and mystery and will hide your face. Light will enliven the image and make it more romantic, feminine and cute. A white veil is the perfect choice for a wedding dress. And bright colors will add color. But they should be chosen only by courageous and confident girls.
  • Drawing. The veil can be not only monophonic, but also color. So, painted and decorated with unusual patterns will look bright and bold.As a picture, you can choose floral, animalistic or abstract motifs. By the way, unusual prints are now in fashion.

Wedding hat with a veil

If you decide to choose a hat with a veil for a wedding, then remember that this accessory is not compatible with all models of dresses. It is desirable that the outfit was concise and elegant. For example, it can be a fitting dress of any length Also suitable models with asymmetric hem, "mermaid" and "fish." But with a classic fluffy dress in a ball-style hat with a veil will look ridiculous.

How to wear?

A harmoniously and brightly hat with a veil will look with a chic evening dress or a bright cocktail dress. But some wear such an accessory with clothes of a more free style, for example, with trousers and blouses and even with jeans and T-shirts. As for the other accessories included in the kit, they should be elegant and restrained.

Let the veil hat make you mysterious, bright and unique!

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