How to choose a whitening toothpaste

Of course, people who have a yellowish tooth enamel want to whiten it with at least a few tones. In view of this, more and more people come to the dental centers who agree to conduct clinical bleaching procedures. But it’s enough just to go to the nearest pharmacy or store and get a good whitening toothpaste. Today, many different brands present their whitening toothpaste as the most effective.
In order to achieve effective lightening of the teeth with a paste, you should pay attention to the important components that make up it: abrasives, hydrogen peroxide, enzymes.
Toothpaste with a high content of abrasives. Abrasives have a mechanical effect on tooth enamel and are able to clean even the darkest deposits. This paste is well suited for people who abuse smoking or coffee drinks. Paste having this composition is President.President paste also contains an element that strengthens and protects tooth enamel from various damages. Only it should be noted that it is impossible to use this paste for regular use. It is applied strictly no more than twice a week. Neglect of this can lead to thinning or even destruction of the tooth enamel.
Toothpaste containing hydrogen peroxide. Splat Extreme White toothpaste is most popular here. Perhaps it is the most effective, as it can make the enamel 4-5 colors lighter. It should be applied strictly under the supervision of a dentist. Otherwise, improper use can lead to the destruction of enamel, sensitivity and soreness of the gums, as well as to the occurrence of caries.
Toothpaste containing enzymes. Soft polishes and brightens for 1-2 tones. Lacalut toothpaste will perfectly cope with this task. You can use it regularly or in a course twice a day for two months. The unique complex of enzymes contained creates an absolutely stunning whitening effect. Rembrandt paste will help to achieve exactly the same effect. Thanks to the natural enzymes that it contains, the plaque is completely removed and the enamel is lightened. Suitable for regular use.

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