How to choose courses for pregnant women

What are courses for pregnant women for?

Courses for pregnant women or so-called schools of young mothers are designed to inform a woman about what to expect during the birth process, as well as learn the basic skills of caring for the baby. Most courses recruit groups of women in the last trimester of pregnancy, although there are also training programs for women in the early stages or even before conception.
The activities of the courses for pregnant women are not regulated by law, therefore, each individual training center draws up its own personal lesson plan and decides on what it will be to tell the course participants. As a rule, in the classroom they deal with the topics of proper nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding of the child, the process of childbirth and recovery in the postpartum period, and infant care, including day regimen, nutrition, hygiene, bathing the baby, and a review of the city’s maternity hospitals.Large training centers offer pregnant women practical exercises on breathing practices, methods of self-pain. If the center has resources, then future mothers can attend fitness and aqua aerobics classes. Many training centers provide for the presence of both mother and father.

Factors affecting the choice of courses

There are a number of general requirements for the training centers of this specialization, as well as a number of factors by which the benefits of attending classes for pregnant women are assessed. Teachers of maternity schools do not have the right to express their personal opinions or to encourage pregnant women to accept this or that position. Speaking about childbirth, the instructor should conduct an objective review of all possible ways of giving birth, mention both traditional births in maternity hospitals and alternative ones: at home, in water, in nature, etc.
Choose courses where in a group is engaged no more than 10 people. A large number of people complicate the learning process, and being in a room where everyone is sitting hand in hand can be difficult.
It is desirable that the school of maternity has the opportunity for practical training, offered work with a psychologist and physical training for pregnant women in the gym or swimming pool.
Make sure that the instructor of the courses has the necessary qualifications for conducting classes, has children and knows what he is talking about. A swimming or aqua aerobics instructor should have a diploma of higher education in the field of physical culture or other training certificates. The courses should include at least one person who has medical knowledge and is able to provide emergency medical care, as the main participants of the course are pregnant women in late periods, and a long stay in a static posture or stuffy room can lead to sudden fainting and other ailments .
Low cost courses should not be a decisive factor in their selection. Good schools are expensive, but for your money you will receive quality services. Many training centers have ready-made contracts with maternity hospitals that they closely cooperate with, and even continue to provide assistance to women after childbirth, for example, they provide home-based counseling on breastfeeding. Do not refuse to attend trial classes, if any. And it is better to visit them together, since your partner can more objectively evaluate the program of courses and the conditions in which you will be engaged.If you do not hear anything new for yourself in the introductory lesson, these courses are not for you.
No matter what good courses you choose, they should be close to home. A tiresome ride in transport can kill the whole attitude and undermine health before giving birth. Realistically assess the distance that you can overcome to get to class.

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