How to choose the color of upholstered furniture

The color of upholstered furniture in the kitchen should contribute to the excitation of appetite, quick awakening from a night's sleep and elevation of mood. After all, the kitchen is the very place where it is customary to gather with the family, receive guests and meet with friends over a cup of aromatic coffee or tea. That is why the color of upholstered furniture in this room should be bright and cheerful. Red, for example, stimulating the nerve endings of the brain, perfectly stimulates the appetite. A blue, green and yellow furniture in your kitchen will give the room a carefree summer mood.
For the living room, pick up more discreet, non-distracting shades. Such colors as white, gray, beige, peach, have to business conversations and meetings, allow you to relax and unwind after a hard day's work. In a room where soft furniture is made in soft pastel colors, it is always cozy and calm.
If you want to give your living room an atmosphere of pompousness, give preference to upholstered furniture, upholstered in fabric with gold, silver or mother-of-pearl patterns.Owners of large living rooms can look at the sofas and armchairs, made in dark colors, for example, burgundy or brown.
Choosing upholstered furniture for the bedroom, give preference to armchairs and ottomans, made in soothing colors that make you sleep and relax. Those are dark blue, green, beige, blue, pink. Make sure that your chosen shade is combined with the color scheme of the bedroom set - the main element of the room.
Upholstered furniture in the office should give the room a strict and businesslike look, as well as stimulate the working mood of its owner. The sofas, armchairs and chairs in the office can be made in both dark and light colors, depending on your preferences. The most successful solution for a study is upholstered furniture, made in brown or beige color.

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