How to choose the right toilet?

The toilet room is very important both for living rooms and for others, such as office or storage. It is important not only the presence of such a room, but also its competent atmosphere. The convenience of using the toilet room and its functionality depend on it. There are three types of modern toilet bowls:

  1. Floor mounted to the floor.
  2. Suspended, which are attached to the wall and do not come into contact with the floor.
  3. Sideboards that are installed on the floor and attached to the wall.

Floor and side toilet bowls differ only in the way of installation. Suspended more expensive and more difficult to install, but they save space and make cleaning the bathroom easier and more convenient, just for their installation will be needed for the toilet.

When choosing the type of toilet bowl, close attention should be paid to the peculiarities of water release. It can be oblique, vertical to the floor or horizontal to the wall. This does not affect the work of the product, but it is necessary to decide on the water discharge system in advance, based on how the sewage is arranged in the toilet room.

Types of cisterns for the toilet

A special role in the choice of the toilet is played by the choice of the tank, these devices can also be divided into three types: hinged, ceiling and recessed. The hinged is installed, as a rule, either on the object itself, or on a special shelf near it. This is the most common type of tank. Ceiling mounted high at the ceiling and connected to the toilet with a long tube. Such a tank is more difficult to install, but the flush in it is much more efficient. Recessed tank hiding in the wall. Such tanks are used, as a rule, with outboard ones. They are more expensive, but well save space in the toilet room.

Fig. Kerasan Retro

Also, the tanks differ from each other in the water supply system. It can be side or bottom. With lateral supply, the hose is attached to the side. Such a method is cheaper and easier to install, however, the noise increases when water is recruited. With the lower inlet hose attached at the bottom. This significantly reduces the noise when typing water, but the design becomes more expensive and complicated. In addition, the lower inlet is considered more reliable than the lateral one.

Other toilet seat features

In addition to all of the above, the toilet can be divided into push-button and stock. The most common mechanisms, of course, push-button. They can be divided into single and double. The mechanism with one button down all the water from the tank. The mechanism with two buttons when you click on one drops half a barrel, and when you click on the second - all the water from the barrel.

Toilets are usually made either from a sanitary ware or from a sanfarfora. Outwardly, it is almost impossible to distinguish them, but the sanfarfor is more durable, and such material does not absorb moisture. Toilet bowls from a sanitary ware are cheaper than toilet bowls from a sanfarfor.

Fig. Kolo Style Rimfree (freestanding) L23120

Still products differ system washout. Allocate horizontal and circular systems. With a horizontal system, water flows in one continuous flow. When a circular system of water washes the bowl from different sides. The horizontal system is much cheaper, and the circular system washes the bowl more qualitatively.

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