How to clean the grill?

It's time for kebabs! It's time to cook not only meat, but also tools for its preparation. We cook on the grill and grill very often. There is nothing better than delicious food cooked outdoors with friends and family. The disadvantage is the fact that the grill, grill, skewers are really dirty. Grill for barbecue, barbecue skewers in several stages are covered with soot, especially if you use liquid for igniting coal, barbecue sauce or other food seasonings in the process of cooking meat.

We offer you several ways to clean them.

The first way:
Amway ..., Schumann ... and other Oven Sprays.
Disadvantages - chemistry is chemistry ...

The second way:
Lavishly water the grill with Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, vigorously three, and after about three minutes, a clean and shiny grill.

Method three:
We throw in the trunk and at the next washing of the car, at the same time walk a few times on the lattice.
And a pristine grille, thirty seconds later, is put back in the trunk.

Method Four:
Burn and three long brush.
Disadvantages - the hands and the recipient himself, in fat and soot, and clean, that would work out a long and dreary.

Method Five:
Smear thick liquid soap, wrap in a bag and leave overnight. Rinsed.

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