How to curb your desires

Desires can be divided into true and imposed. The first people need, for example, food and clothing are needs, without which it is difficult to survive. But not everyone needs an expensive car, often a person dreams of such a purchase, because he saw it from someone else or became a hostage to advertising.

Determine the need

It is important to separate your needs from what the fashion dictates. As soon as the desire appeared, think, and do you really need it? If necessary, for what? Often the answer to these questions removes the need to have something. But here you have to be honest with yourself. An example would be: “Do I need a phone from some well-known manufacturer?”. There may be two options: “yes, needed” or “not necessarily.” If necessary, be sure to? If some functions are needed, they are in other brands, but at a lower cost.
Analyzing purchases, it becomes clear that a lot is being done following the example of others or because of advertising. And things are not so necessary.And the realization of this allows you to get rid of the plan or save quite a lot on the purchase of a more optimal option.

Intangible desires

Not all dreams are associated with some objects, sometimes it is just a desire for some experiences. Often people change partners not because they do not like, but because they are looking for new sensations. And it hurts others. If you have a desire that does not like your family, you can also cope with it.
Every time you think about embodying something, imagine the result. And if your loved ones find out about it, what will they feel? And what will you be at this moment? Usually this brings a negative to the initial stimulus, and it loses its brilliance, ceases to attract.

Inability to spend money

Trouble often brings the desire to buy something not needed. When a person has free finances, he spends them on those things that he will not benefit. Immediately and squandering on vacation or a desire to stand out. To get rid of such aspirations, you need to introduce strict control. Start keeping a diary in which to record your expenses. Memorize every little thing, then to see the whole analysis.
Today, the possibility of such records are in many phones. Get into the habit of filling out such lines and in a month you will discover amazing things. You will understand that spending is too high, and also learn to notice unnecessary things that do not make you happy.

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