How to deal with troubles and not make a drama of small problems

Some women cannot go outside without makeup or with tangled hair. Many stamps are imposed by society and the media. A person already perceives such a style of behavior as his own, but in fact he was imparted to him. Therefore, an unexpected situation with which an individual cannot cope or the violation of minor aspects of his lifestyle becomes a problem. A person inflates it and can perceive quite dramatically.

How to act if there is a situation in which discomfort is felt, here we do not mean serious problems associated with a protracted trial, large losses, ordinary situations are meant.

It is necessary to understand that the situation will pass.

In case of conflict with relatives, when it is difficult to reach them, temporarily leave the battlefield and then return to the conversation.

Do not use the law of the jungle “Every man for himself” as the main commandment of his time in this world.It should be understood that people have the right to their own idea, even if it is erroneous according to all canons.

Silence is gold. Building a constructive response in a complex or ambiguous situation always begins with a pause, although it is not always easy to cope with emotions.

No understanding with colleagues? Better to leave your jokes for a more suitable company. It is advisable to keep silent once again and not to enter into a frank conversation, especially not to talk about personal problems. To resort to frankness only if necessary, to take time off from the authorities for family reasons.

Usually, getting into unpleasant situations, a person uses several behaviors. All of them are competent and depend on the nuances:

  • justifies itself;
  • argues;
  • reacts aloof or pretends;
  • attacks.

Often, people themselves provoke a situation, thinking that they are poorly perceived, although there is no real reason for it. Such individuals often use guidance that the best defense is attack. Self-control is not always easy to learn, but possible.

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