How to decorate the car for the wedding?

August 13, 2012
How to decorate the car for the wedding?

Wedding is one of the most enjoyable and memorable events in a person’s life. I want everything to be perfect at the celebration: the bride's dress, the groom's suit, the witness outfits, the decoration of the banquet hall, etc. And of course, no wedding ceremony is complete without a wedding procession. How to decorate the car for the wedding? This question certainly worries many who are preparing to get married.


Wedding Car Decoration

There are so many wedding decorations for cars today that it is very difficult to make a choice without proper preparation. You can decorate the car traditionally or come up with something original. It is not necessary to sculpt a wedding car all in a row - it will look vulgar and pretentious. Remember, the main thing is not the amount of jewelry, but their relevance in a given composition. Pick a range of decorations with taste - the colors of ribbons, balls, bows and the machine itself should be well combined. Whatever the decorations for your wedding car, they should in no way interfere with the safety of movement.Keep this in mind when posting your decor.

The colors of the cars in the wedding procession are preferably light, especially for the cars of the bride and groom. The cars of the newlyweds, opposite in color, also look good - for the groom - black, for the bride - white.


How to decorate the car for the wedding traditionally? Choose the following decor items:

  • veil and rings. Imitation of the veil is placed on the bride's car, rings on the roof of the groom's car. Instead of rings, you can use a pair of white swans. Compositions with rings are kept on a magnet, but it is better to err and strengthen them with ribbons, otherwise the decoration may fall at high speed.
  • Flowers The most popular decoration of the wedding ceremony. Decorations are offered both live and from artificial flowers. They can be attached to any part of the car: on handles, mirrors, hood, etc.
  • Balls. Buy only high-quality helium balloons, cheap balloons can burst and ruin your wedding mood. When placing the balls, pay attention so that they do not obscure the driver's view.
  • Tapes. Not only kapron and paper ribbons are used, but also hearts and ribbons bows.To tape well kept on the machine, they must sew gum or ribbon, as well as to insure double-sided tape.
  • Number plates. Stickers on license plates with inscriptions have become popular: newlyweds, weddings, bride's motorcade, etc. Stickers are easily removed with water.
  • Dolls On the hood of the car you can arrange a beautiful doll in a wedding dress or figures of the bride and groom.

On the Internet you will find a lot of materials on how to decorate the car for the wedding: photos, instructions, tips. Merry wedding to you!

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