How to determine the character of appearance

By drawing attention to a person’s appearance, you can learn a great deal about him. This is especially important when meeting a person with whom you may have to deal with several times later: for example, with a colleague or job seeker.
Physiognomy: how to determine the character of appearance?
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How to recognize a character by appearance: body features

To determine the character of a person by his appearance, first of all pay attention to the neck and head. A long neck in combination with a small head can give a person hesitant, melancholic, modest or even shy. A thin neck is a sign of reverie, and an overly thick one is stubbornness.

If you are a man with a well-developed, muscular neck, most likely he is a fearless, decisive, confident person.

Then look at the chest and shoulders. If a person is hunched, tries to “close” the chest, this may indicate complexes, fears, and insecurity.Overly narrow shoulders - a sign of a tendency to self-analyze up to the stubborn self-digging. Broad shoulders and an open, wheel-exposed chest can serve as a sign that the person in front of you is determined, strong, confident, or even arrogant.

Pay attention to the features of the face

A lot can tell a man about his face. First look at the forehead. If he is wide and prominent, you must be a smart, gifted person. However, such features can also speak of suspicion, a tendency to see a catch in everything, as well as a desire for recognition. A low forehead can be a sign of gloom, stubbornness, and in some cases even limitedness.

If we are talking about a woman who wears a bang, do not rush to conclusions. Often hairstyle can greatly change the appearance of a person and hide the features of his forehead

The nature of men can also be judged by the eyebrows. In the case of girls, this is more difficult to do, since the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity with the help of special tools can greatly change the thickness and even the shape of the eyebrows.

Too thin eyebrows can be a sign of aggressiveness and ambition, as well as egocentrism.Too thick indicate that a person seeks primarily to satisfy their own desires. Close eyebrows can be a sign of self-centeredness, the desire to act in their own way, even to the detriment of others. Far located, on the contrary, “speak” about suspiciousness, excessive criticality towards themselves.

Look also at the mouth of your interlocutor. If he is small, most likely, you are a weak-willed and fearful person, and if he is big, you are dealing with a daredevil, a determined and purposeful person.

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