How to draw a spiderman?

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How to draw a spiderman?

Now we will tell you how to draw a superhero without hassle. By consistently performing all of these steps, you will learn how to draw Spider-Man with a pencil quickly and correctly.

How to draw Spider-Man in stages

We start with the simplest sketch, draw the oval of the head, draw a triangle with rounded corners under the head (the future body of our hero). Next, draw the arms and legs. When drawing them, we use simple lines. The next step is to draw small ovals for elbows and knees.

How to draw a spiderman?

It is necessary that our drawing be more specific, we must give our hero his inherent solidity. We depict large cylindrical shapes at the upper leg, and small ones on the forearm and shoulders. We need to make sure that these forms in the upper part are wider than in the lower part.

Having given the drawing a more perfect look, it is necessary to add muscles in order to give the drawing more anatomicality. To do this, use the oblong shape for the shoulders, biceps, calves.

How to draw a spiderman?

Next, delete all the strokes, leaving only those that will be permanently in the figure.

The next step is the Spider-Man suit. Around the forearm and calf draw lines. With extreme caution we add the lines going down on the sides and chest. After we connect these lines in the middle of the abdomen.

How to draw a spiderman?

When the drawing is complete, we add the colors we need, namely: red, blue and black.

Sketch the face, chest, arms, shoulders, legs, ankles with red color. Forearms and legs should be in blue and black colors on both sides.

When the paint is dry, you can give the picture a shadow effect. For example, you can add some shadows under the chin, arms, legs, to make our drawing even more real.

How to draw a spiderman?

If in the end you are not satisfied with something, try using a graphical editor. Using a scanner or a camera, digitize the image. Next, open the image in a graphical editor. Here you can add contrast, also correct the color and tone of the image of Spider-Man. To fix the silhouette or contours, it is better to use a digital tablet.

If, after our advice, you are suddenly asked how to draw a spiderman, you can easily help and explain to your friend.

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