How to encrypt dvd

You will need
  • - Lock Folder;
  • - WinZip;
  • - Hide Folder.
It's hard enough to prevent access to the hard drive itself. Usually, such protection is bypassed by creating a virtual disk image and then working with it. It is more reasonable to use programs that prevent unwanted access to specific files or folders. Download and install Lock Folder. It was originally designed to work in the environment of the Windows XP operating system, but it is successfully launched in Windows Seven.
Copy all the files that will be written to disk in a separate folder. Run the program Lock Folder and specify the path to this directory. Set a password for this folder. After that, write the files to disk in the usual way for you.
Remember that in order to open an encrypted folder you will have to use the Lock Folder program. Record its archive on this disk in order to be able to work with the necessary files anywhere.
If you do not want to use specialized programs, download WinZip archiver or any equivalent. Restart your computer and open any file manager.Right-click on the folder with the files and select "Add to archive".
Enter the name of the archive. Find the Security menu and fill in both fields by entering the same password. Set the option "No compression" to speed up the process of creating an archive. Use a complex password if you really want to protect your data.
Record the created archive on DVD-media. Now, to open files located on this disk, you will need to have the Total Commander archiver or file manager.
The most important documents can be made hidden before writing to disk. To do this, use the Hide Folder program. Naturally, these files also need to be archived. This will ensure maximum protection of important information.

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