How to expand the USB flash drive

You will need
  • - a computer;
  • - anti-virus program with the latest updates;
  • - file manager Total Commander;
  • - h2testw utility.
Turn on the display of hidden and system files on your flash drive. Check the USB flash drive with an antivirus program and, if something was found, delete it. If after checking for viruses the volume of the flash drive has not changed, format it, after saving the data on the hard disk of your computer or other storage media.
If all the folders on your flash drive were replaced by a virus with shortcuts, and the ratio of free and occupied space did not change, do not rush to format it. The virus creates a directory in the name of which writes invalid characters. You can make sure that the information from the flash drive has not disappeared anywhere using the command line. Enter “g: \ / x” in it, where g is the flash drive itself, and x is the key to display all files. You will see a hidden folder, for example, with the name e2e2 1.
When you find out the name of the folder, you can access it directly from the file manager.Using the command line, rename this name containing an invalid character to any other, for example, 111. Another way to deal with this virus could be to create a bat file containing the string "attrib -s -h -r -a / s / d" and running it from a flash drive. In addition, the flash drive can be packaged by the archiver, and after opening the archive, extract all the necessary folders.
Determine the actual size of the flash drive using the h2testw utility. To do this, connect it to your computer and make sure that there are no files on it. Run the h2testw utility, click the “Select” button, select data recording in all free sectors as the preferred verification method. To test, click "Write + Verify".

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