How to find games on your phone in 2018

You will need
  • - access to the Internet
  • - information about your mobile
First you need to determine what type of games support your phone, since on most sites with games they are divided into platforms. If you have a relatively new and not the cheapest mobile with a large variety of functions (desktops, gadgets, an extensive menu, fine-tuning the interface, various data transfer protocols, etc.), then most likely it has some sort of The specific operating system is Symbian (Nokia only), Android, Windows, Blackberry, Bada. The name of the OS is often written on the phone case or often flashes in the interface components of the device. Reliably phone platform can be found by finding the characteristics of your mobile on the Internet (the most convenient way to do this is at If you have a mobile middle class or have been bought for a long time, then it is more likely that there is no OS on it, and only java-games will work. Also, on most sites you will need to know the screen size of your phone.
Having determined the platform of the phone, follow one of the sites that offers mobile games for free download or purchase (you just need to type in the search game for mobile / phone).
One of the most popular, convenient and providing games for every taste, as well as a free site - On it you do not even need to know the information from the first step, it is enough to know the phone model. Choose the manufacturer and model in the panel on the right, and the site will select the games that are suitable for your phone.
Another popular site that offers free download of mobile games is, here it is a little more inconvenient, you yourself have to find games for your device, but there is a large selection and there are many. Mostly java-games.
Having found the game you like, you just have to download the appropriate files (jar, jad) for the screen with a suitable resolution, transfer them to your phone and launch it. In addition to downloading to a computer, on many sites (the first site of the second step is one of them), it is possible to upload files directly to the phone using the mobile Internet connection. This is realized with the help of regular links or QR codes.
Not all phones need jad file.
Helpful advice
Particular attention to the collection of information described in the first step should be paid when buying games, because it will be a shame if the purchased game does not start.

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