How to flash drive xbox?

Many need this functionality, like Xbox drive firmware. Denote the reasons for the demand for such an operation.

Why flashing the Xbox

  • Firstly, it is easier to flash the Xbox drive than to purchase a license disk worth from one and a half thousand rubles.
  • Secondly, it is quite simple to make such firmware on your own, using step-by-step instructions and having minimal knowledge in the field of information technology.

Although any firmware is quite a laborious process, with many details and subtleties. It is possible that the firmware process will fail, and recovery from such an operation will be time consuming and costly. Sometimes the Xbox 360 drive is easier to buy than to do it yourself.

Drive connection

The Xbox 360 drive connects to the console by connecting two cables — SATA and a power cable. Power during the firmware, in most cases, it is better to leave the standard, that is, with the console itself. To connect to a computer, the available cable length will not be enough, so you will need to pre-search and prepare a longer SATA cable. So, how to flash the Xbox 360 drive?

  • To continue the process of preparing the firmware, we insert a video cable (not HDMI) into the set-top box in order to maintain its operation time and allow disconnection five minutes after the start of work. When using an HDMI cable, you need to connect both ends, and you may even need to turn on the TV. We find the button of the tray on the console, not to be confused with the tray located on the drive. Please note that the signal to open the hatch is supplied using the power cable, and not through SATA! Please note that it is preferable to connect the SATA cable when the computer is off and the console.
  • For high-quality firmware it is better to work on a computer with Intel ICH8 chipset and the latest ICH9, ICH10, NM10. The chipset for the LiteOn firmware is not recommended to be used in order to avoid possible freezes and errors during the firmware. Also useful will be the card VIA VT6421.
  • After the drive is connected to the computer, the power supply to the drive begins (turn off the set-top box), and the drive name itself will be displayed in the BIOS among other devices. Check the computer.
  • Download and install the program CPU-Z, then run it. Open the tab "Mainboard", select the item "Southbridge".If “nForce” is indicated there, then the lite on drive cannot be flashed on this computer, as the whole system may hang and, as a result, the operation will end in unsuccessful firmware.
  • Before the start of the firmware we insert (recommended action) into the video cable prefix. If it is a VGA cable, composite cable or component cable, then the other end of it is not necessary to connect it. If this is an HDMI cable, you need to connect it with the second end to the receiving device, and you may have to turn it on. If these manipulations are not carried out, then the Xbox 360 will turn off every 5 minutes after switching on.
  • With regard to the software side of the firmware process, then it will require the JungleFlasher program. To run this program you need to install the NET Framework version not lower than 2.0 (this applies to owners of Windows XP).
  • Next, we connect the drive via SATA cable to the computer, although the drive continues to power from the console.
  • Having started the computer, we open and run the JungleFlasher program, select and go to the MTK Flash 32 tab, then look at the ports on the left above until we find the drive we need.
  • Next, we enter the drive's flash memory to start the process of flashing the firmware, we see and mark the change of status on Status Ox72. Next, look for and select the "WRITE" button, click. The firmware starts the process of pouring into the drive's flash memory.The firmware process is successfully completed.

Often, failures during self-firmware are the result of a careless reading of instructions or inattentively performing a sequence of required operations. You should really appreciate your strength for the implementation of the plan and, if necessary, turn to professionals, they certainly know how to flash the Xbox drive.

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