How to furnish a study

First of all, choose the decor and design of the cabinet so that it reflects your personality. Keep in mind that the finished furniture is not the best quality, a simple office chair, carpet and lack of natural light will look dull and cheap. In such an office, you can work productively only if there is a prospect in the near future to change it to a more decent one. But if there is an opportunity and desire, based on the characteristics of your character and work profile, create your own unique cabinet interior that will inspire you and impress people entering it.
Remember the following rules when arranging furniture in your office: - a solid and, at the same time, homely atmosphere is created by furniture that is made in modern or retro style (dressers, armchairs, cabinets with antique ornaments); - desktop it is desirable to place near the window;Shelves, bookcases and documents cabinets, chairs should be placed near the desktop, and in the recreation area it is necessary to concentrate chairs, sofas and a coffee table.
Furnish the cabinet in a minimalist style - it is very stylish and modern. For design, select 1 or 2 primary colors. Accents should be rare, and forms and lines - simple. This style does not imply any extra accessories and heaps. In this room there is a lot of free space for your own ideas and thoughts. It may seem to you that in this room even breathe easily. Make large floor-to-ceiling windows, and then you don’t want to leave the office after work.
Choose a modern style - give up symmetry, clear geometry and straight lines. After all, this direction is characterized by rounded and curved lines, asymmetry and multi-level. Moreover, this is not a necessary manifestation of status and not a pompous excess, but an unobtrusive blotch of, for example, plant ornaments. This style promotes the rejection of right angles, experimentation, novelty and originality. Interiors of modern will fit perfectly into the space of modern apartments.A study made in this style will be presentable and, at the same time, very comfortable.
High tech style. If you are used to using the latest technology and have on hand the necessary gadgets and are busy in the field of high-tech computer, you just need to furnish your office in this style. Fancy futuristic design, chrome furniture, artificial light, a lot of metal and a minimum of old-fashioned items. After all, if you create the future, you just need to be in the right setting.

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