How to get a loan if there is no registration

Registration in the city of residence is a mandatory requirement of most banks. Looking for a borrower throughout the country if he stops making payments is very problematic for the lender. However, banks give loans to citizens who have a temporary registration. But provided that the maximum loan term will be limited to the term of the temporaryregistration. Please note that due to the large number of �purchased� documents, authenticityregistration�will be carefully checked by the bank.
If temporaryregistration�you do not have, contact the banks issuing loans and in its absence. There are few of them in our country, but they exist. For example, in Moscow this is OTP Bank, UniCredit Bank, Russian Capital, Absolut Bank. Credits are issued on condition that you are registered in one of the cities where there is a representative office of the bank.
Another opportunity to get a loan withoutregistration�- This is the bank Tinkoff, which is not tied to a specific city and operates in almost all parts of Russia. The main feature of this bank is that all work with clients is carried out using the Internet, telephone, traditional mail and through representatives of the bank. You can get a credit card here, even if you live far away from the place of registration. But there is one drawback - a very limited loan amount, which can be increased only with time and provided that you use the provided credit limit to make active and timely payments.
An alternative to the bank is always pawnshops. Here you will not be asked aboutregistration�and do not require proof of income - to obtain a loan, you must have only a passport and a security deposit. But, given the high interest rates, it only makes sense to go to a pawnshop if you need a small amount and for a short time.

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