How to get a mobile mail

Go to the "Messages" section - "E-mail" of your device. Depending on the version of the system installed on the device, this setting may have other names. For example, in the latest versions of Android, adding an account is done through the “Settings” menu - “Accounts”. In iOS, this item is located on the main screen in the "Mail" option or also in the "Settings" - "Mail".
You will be prompted to create a new account to receive messages. Click “Add Box” and follow the instructions on the screen. The first step you will need to specify the address of your mailbox and the corresponding password. Specify the full address in the format e (for example, ). Password enter with register. Click "Next".
If you have a mail account, for example, on a or service, the settings you need will be made automatically, and after they are saved, you can view the contents of your mailbox through the “Mail” section of the device.If you have a box on one of the other services, the automatic settings for which are not provided by the manufacturer, you will have to manually enter the necessary data.
In the fields provided to fill in, specify the address of the server for incoming messages from your mail service. You can get this data by contacting the technical support service of the resource or by visiting the help section of the site of the service. Similarly, specify the outgoing mail server and select the primary settings for working with your mailbox at your discretion. Click "Save" or "Add" and wait for the message on the screen about the successful completion of the operation.
Go to the email section of your phone and click Refresh or Receive to receive emails available on the server. If all settings have been specified correctly, all messages will appear on the screen of your device after some time. Setting up e-mail on your mobile phone is complete.
To set up a mail service on your phone, you will need to have a working Internet connection.

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