How to get married with a child

Unfortunately, in society, the desire to associate itself with a “divorcee” havingbabyfrom a previous marriage, perceived negatively. But, fortunately, there are still men who relate to this favorably. They are satisfied with such a marriage for several reasons. Know that your advantage is having children as proof of fertility, as well as independence and responsibility, because you have already lived alone and solved all family problems without outside help. The man’s observation of the relationship between the mother and her child helps him to conclude about the character of the potential wife. So do not despair, marriage with a woman who has children does not frighten the representatives of the stronger sex if they prefer marriage to a bachelor life.
Finding the right partner is not easy. A woman with a child needs to have clear criteria for choosing a man, perhaps even being mercantile, because she is responsible not only for her personal well-being, but also for the lives of her children.The main thing, after a divorce, do not focus only on home, work and children: go out, chat with friends. You can register on a dating site, sometimes the relationship started to develop into something serious. Pay attention to sports clubs, a variety of technical forums: among their visitors are many men.
Try not to transfer the sins of your former spouse to all men. Analyze the list of his mistakes and be more attentive to the behavior of the intended partner. If possible, visit a psychologist to get rid of the bitterness of the previous relationship and not to look for a person with negative qualities of the previous husband. Such a mistake is often made by divorced women.
Remember that it is not necessary to constantly remind others how hard it is for you to bring upbabyone. But you should not hide the presence of children from a potential spouse. This is a big mistake that can be perceived by a man as a deliberate deception.
Do not worry that the “new” father will always remember that he is not raising his children. This does not mean at all that benevolent, friendly relations based on respect, interest and mutual trust cannot arise between him and the child.
Do not forget that you should always be attractive and charming. This implies a good hairstyle, neat clothes, toned forms and an open, welcoming smile. She erases traces of fatigue from her face that frighten off the representatives of the stronger sex.

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