How to get out of the comfort zone

The first thing you have to do is set a goal for yourself, otherwise you will simply not have the motivation to take such a bold step. The goal should be really meaningful to you. Set a time frame. This will allow you to not stretch the process of achievement. You must realize in which direction you need to go and what efforts will be needed for this.
Tune in to the final result. You may not really like the short term. Suppose you want to improve your health and decide to have a 10-minute jog every day. One training will not give you any significant results, so you will not have much of an incentive to exit the comfort zone. However, if you present the end result (a healthy and strong body), then you will have more motivation to achieve the desired.
Make a promise to reputable people. You do not want to put yourself in front of them in a bad light and will certainly cope with the task. It is important that these people can influence you and have enough experience. Ideally, it will be parents or other close relatives. You can also argue with your friends for money, only you will need to pay at the very beginning. If they reach the goal, they will simply have to return the full amount.

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