How to get rid of a cold in one day

Immediately upon waking, take a warm shower. Yes, this procedure will not attract you. However, it is very useful for the body. Hot water will soothe the shivering, and steam will help cleanse the sinuses.
Healthy breakfast is now indispensable. Drink a glass of orange juice. This will saturate the body with vitamin C. After, eat a large plate of porridge, which add berries.
During the cold period, the nasal sinuses often clog up, and this in turn provokes a throbbing headache. To cope with such a nuisance, drink anesthetic pills, or hold your head over the steam for 5 minutes. Also, take cough drops. They will cure uncomfortable throat sensations.
Cold weather is an unattractive time for walking. However, it is worth taking a walk before lunch. Do not be afraid to get sick even more. A short walk in the fresh air will strengthen your immunity. If the symptoms of a cold do not appear too strongly, you can do a couple of simple physical exercises.
Protein activates the immune system and is involved in the construction of its cells.Therefore, if you sit on a protein-free diet, then you risk seriously and for a long time to get sick.
Drink more, especially herbal tea. It contributes to the removal of infections from the body. Also, do not forget about orange juice. It will help the body recover from a cold.
For dinner, give preference to dishes in which you can add seasoning with anti-viral properties. It can be ginger, garlic, curry and chili. They will clear the airways and rid the body of germs.
In the evening, take a hot bath. This will help to permanently defeat the traces of a cold.
Remember about a full dream. Go to bed so that you have at least 8 hours of sleep. This will help you strengthen the immune system. In the evening and before bedtime, give up alcohol, coffee and other stimulating drinks. Also, do not go to work and do not watch TV for a long time.

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