How to help yourself in the fight against stuttering

Learn to accept yourself as you are, allow yourself more than usual. Instead of reproaching yourself for stuttering, think about what is your peculiarity. Take it as a fact and learn to live with this fact in harmony.
Sports, swimming, martial arts or yoga help very well. Singing and dancing contribute to the liberation, develop breathing and plasticity. But most importantly, a stuttering person just needs to believe in himself and his strength.
Be sure to learn to relax. Each person has their own ways to do this. Find your method of complete relaxation. Relax, tune in and start talking. You will be surprised how much the quality of speech depends on the state of mind.
People who stutter with outsiders and their loved ones often forget about this problem. If you need somewhere to make a speech with a large gathering of people, then try to rehearse it before homework.At the same time, remember your feelings of relaxation and peace, and reproduce them, speaking in public.
Equally important for people with this problem is proper breathing. Master the breathing exercises from yoga or qigong therapy. This will help you regulate your breathing, monitor the power of inhalation and exhalation. Regular classes will help to improve the condition, and perhaps completely get rid of the problem of stuttering.
Often people start to stutter more from the very fact of their stuttering. This leads to a loss of conversation threads and further aggravates the condition. Try to shift your attention to the meaning of the conversation, to the idea that you are trying to convey. Focus on the content, not the form of submission of information.
Feeling that stuttering is gaining momentum, stop, take a breath. Pause and concentrate on your breathing, watch for breaths and exhalations. Small pauses in speech will make your personality more mysterious in the eyes of the interlocutor.
It is very important to be inspired on the way to victory over your problem, have patience and faith in success. To do this, watch interesting films, read books, inspired by examples of the main characters.

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