How to increase a small room

You will need
  • -Construction Materials;
  • -Accessories;
  • - mirrors;
  • - pictures;
  • -shutters
In order to visually enlarge the space of a small room, it is necessary to use bed colors in the design. It is necessary to refuse saturated and bright colors. The most optimal are: light green, light pink, light blue, peach, light gray and white. Cold colors increase the space, and warm colors decrease it.
To increase the small room is an important point is the lighting. In addition to natural light, you can use the built-in light and hidden spot lights. To create a cozy atmosphere you should put a floor lamp in the room. The incident light from the floor lamp will makethe roomlively and comfortable.
To make the room look bigger, you need to pay attention to the interior. Furniture and curtains should match the tone of the walls and ceiling. Contrasting and dark furniture will make the space very small, so it is better to give preference to light objects.
To create a more spacious room, it is better to abandon bulky furniture. Instead of a large sofa, you can put a small one with cozy armchairs. It is necessary to use cabinets and drawers at a minimum. You can put glass or mirror furniture in the room to help visually enlarge the space. Arrange interior items better along the walls. If you put something from the furniture in the middle, the room will be divided in half.
A small room will look significantly enlarged if the floor is covered with a light and shiny finish. The ceiling should also be decorated with light material.
The use of mirrors in the room is an important point when you make a small room. If you use a wall mirror in the form of mirrored tiles, the room will double.
To create comfort in a small room on the wall, you can hang pictures. But instead of many small pictures, it is better to hang one big one, then the room will be less cluttered.
In the decoration of a small room is to use monotone drawings. Complex and vivid pictures will make the room more difficult.
You can put in the room an object that attracts attention (a flower, a beautiful floor lamp, an original statuette).This item should be located in the corner farthest from the entrance, then a sense of perspective will be created.

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