How to install fence sections?

metal sectional fence properimetr.ruOne of the popular types of sectional fences are sections made of metal rods. The advantage of this enclosure is the combination of excellent technical characteristics, attractive appearance and affordable cost.

Long service life justifies the price of the fence, and if we take into account the lack of the need to build a foundation and simple maintenance without painting, then the cost of the fence can be called quite economical. See the metal sectional fence here.

To obtain effective and efficient section fencing, it is advisable to purchase directly from the manufacturer. So, you can rely on reliable information about technical characteristics and an adequate price without a commission of resellers. In order to save time, together with the sections, you can immediately purchase the supports to which sections are to be attached. Pillars or pipes are used as such supports. They are designed for installation in the ground.After leveling the site and preparing the pits, the support posts are installed and concreted. To fix the section preferably in a day. But with a consistent method of mounting sections are mounted immediately. In contrast to the separate method in which columns are first established, and then sections, with sequential they are installed alternately: grid-column-grid, etc.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the design, the fence obtained has high efficiency indicators and successfully withstands even greater loads. And such loads as from wind and snow do not feel at all. Therefore, sectional fences are successfully used in different areas: from a country house to an industrial area. For each case, selected sections of rods with certain characteristics. If an inexpensive galvanized grid of a three-millimeter rod is suitable for temporary fencing of a building site, then it is better to use sections of a rod with a diameter of 3-4 mm for fencing a kindergarten. In the presence of a protective coating of polymer such a fence will last a very long time. If nanoceramics are present in the coating, the service life increases to 60 years!

In addition to technical capabilities, the grids from rods are distinguished by an attractive design.The polymer coating not only protects against corrosion, but also gives color to the fence. Gone are the days when the fence was bound to be blue or green. Want red or purple? No problem. Choose the desired color from the RAL palette and tell it to the manufacturer. This is how reliable and beautiful fences are obtained.

Do not waste your time and money on unreliable constructions. Choose sections from the manufacturer!

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