How to install the deflector?

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How to install the deflector?

Before you figure out how to install the deflector on the car, you need to understand what it is. So, deflectors have the form of special plastic accessories for the car, which are designed to protect windows and wipers from external influences. The deflector is installed on the hood or on the windows of the car. It allows you to create an upward flow that creates natural air circulation in the cabin. In addition, deflectors protect the car from mechanical damage, dirt, as well as from other unpleasant moments. Due to the fact that the universal fasteners in the form of brackets are provided for the deflector, the installation does not take much time.

Adhesive deflector

Some vents are glued directly to the windows. In order to adjust the position of this accessory, you must sit in the car and ask someone of your friends to attach deflectors to the glass. Next you need to check that the deflectors do not interfere with the side view.If the view in the side mirrors is not blocked, then the deflectors are installed correctly.

Complete with deflectors should go special wipes that will help clean and degrease the glass and frame in the car. This must be done before installing protection on windows. It is also necessary to ensure that there is no dirt on the glass surface.

After the preliminary work is completed, you need to carefully remove the film from the deflector, and then press it to the glass. If something does not work out or the deflector sticks unevenly, you should immediately fix it. After successfully gluing the deflector, it should be pressed tightly to the car window.

Plug-in deflector

Plug-in vents are mounted directly under the frame of the door in the slot there. Sometimes it happens that the deflector does not fit the form. In this case, it must be arched in the form of a frame and fastened. Do not forget that the edges of the deflector can be very sharp. This can damage the window raiser, so before installing window deflectors, you need to take care of safety.

Also deflectors can be installed on the hood.First you need to remove the protective film deflector, then open the hood and proceed to install. After installation, you need to loosen the bolts that are in special fasteners visor. This is done using a conventional screwdriver. After preliminary preparations, we install the deflector in such a way that when the hood closes, its edge falls into the bracket of the protective accessory.

Before installing the deflector on the hood, you need to tighten the screws on both sides, and then tighten the deflector so that the accessory elastic bands are in contact with the hood of the car. Now it remains to fix all the bolts, close the hood and enjoy the work done!

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