How to knit a cardigan with needles quickly and easily

Knit jumper for beginners

Each experienced needlewoman can tell her own ways to knit a jumper with needles easily and quickly, while the output will be a product of interesting design. To simplify the work, you can follow some rules, in particular:

- choose the simplest knitting, which you know well, for example, shawl, hosiery, gum, “rice”;

- work with textured or melange yarn, then even with the simplest pattern of knitted weaving, the product will look advantageous;

- use knitting needles and threads of large diameter and master a large knitting;

- to simplify the style as much as possible.

Try to tie a jumper of two identical rectangular parts (back and front) without a neckline and two wedge-shaped sleeves. To make such a product look beautiful and fit, it is necessary to make regular fittings in the process.

You can knit a cardigan with any pattern. In this example, the so-called false English eraser is used, which is easy to perform, allows you to quickly create a loose textured canvas and looks spectacular.

Shelf and back

The patterns of the pattern on the shelf and back will be horizontal, knit from one side of the product to the other; and on the sleeves - vertically, run from the cuff to the shoulder. As a result, a knitted jumper will look original and keep your shape well.

Measure out the necessary length of the future sweater from the base of the neck to the waist or mid-thigh. Tie a knit pattern 10x10 cm false English viscous:

- first row; 3 facial, 1 purl;

- second row: 2 facial, 1 purl, 1 facial.

With the help of the sample and the previously measured length of the jumper, calculate how much you need to collect loops. Note that their number must be a multiple of four, in addition, each row will begin and end with an edge band - it will provide a smooth edge of the future connecting side seam.

Tie the jumper back from one side to the other. Be sure to try on the part, make sure that it turned out the desired width, allowances for the seam are left. Patterned back to make exactly the same knitted rectangle for the front of the jumper. Attach the rectangles to one another, make the shoulder seams.


Put on the resulting sleeveless jacket and measure the length of the sleeve from the junction to the main parts to the edge of the cuffs. Specify the girth of the wrists and collect the required number of loops, taking into account these measurements, the knitting sample and the allowance for the connecting seam.

In the process of working on the sleeve will need to wedge-expand the part. Follow the simple rules:

- with long hands, increase at the beginning and end of the sixth and eighth rows;

- with the hands of normal fullness and length - in every sixth;

- with short and full hands - in every fourth.

Run two sleeves, close the last row, fold each part in half. Along the edge, make the connecting seam and turn out the parts there. Sew the sleeves to the jumper, sew the sides of the product. Indeed, you managed to knit a jumper easily and simply!

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