How to lay Lenoleum

You will need
  • - metal hammer;
  • - steel trowel;
  • - linoleum roller;
  • - large notched trowel;
  • - small notched trowel;
  • - linoleum knife with replaceable blades;
  • - rubber hammer
  • - glue.
Before starting work, level the floor using sheet material (plywood, chipboard) adhering to the principle: the greater the unevenness, the thicker the material for its alignment. After leveling, go through the plywood and check if there are any places where it bends. If there is such a place, then put a small piece of chipboard under the plywood and mark it, since when tilting, the caps of the screws can remain in place and tear the linoleum.
Next, you should prepare the coating itself. Cut the linoleum on the canvas of the desired length and iron them with the iron from the seamy side, this will help get rid of dents and bumps. For cutting, use a knife with replaceable blades: a trapezoid blade for marking, and a hook-like blade for cutting.
After everything is ready, proceed with the installation. Using a notched trowel, apply a uniform layer of glue to the surface of the floor and wait until it thickens.If the room is small, then the glue can be immediately applied to the entire canvas. To linoleum stuck better, align it from the center to the edges.
Glue the seams, if any, using cold welding (glue). Fill the seams with glue and leave to dry completely. After laying the linoleum, you can proceed to the installation of the plinth.
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Lay linoleum should be a few hours after purchase. It is recommended at this time to roll the rolls on the floor, otherwise the surface during laying may turn out to be bumpy. If the roll was bought in the winter, then before unrolling and spreading it, it is advisable to wait a couple of days. Cut linoleum is best with a special knife. It is also important to leave a small allowance on each side of about 5-10 cm. In the process of laying, allowances are removed for the plinth or trimmed.
Helpful advice
If the walls in the apartment are not perfectly straight, you need to make a small cut at the corner and use a sharp knife to cut the edges along the corner located between the floor and the wall. After the laying of linoleum trimming remains, select the largest of them and save. In the future, they will be useful for repairing floors.

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